Lite Paper

x42 Protocol is an open-source, feeless, proof of stake cryptocurrency that has nearly instant transactions and also supports both hot and cold staking. It has been initially built from a heavily modified version of Stratis (STRAX) and now uses the Blockcore node while adding several features and functions to what has been built before it.

The cryptocurrency revolves around a two-client system in which one client (xCore, the main client) supports all the day-to-day features, those being:

  • Send and Receive functions for x42 coins
  • Hot/Cold Staking, be it local or delegated
  • Use the payment system (price locks)
  • Fullnode function (seeds the blockchain to other users and validates all transactions)
  • Launch Decentralized Applications (DApps)

The second client, called xServer, hosts a series of functions so that the xCore client can fully enjoy every feature the x42 blockchain has to offer, those being:

  • Hosting of various DApps 
  • Getting x42 coins for hosting DApps
  • Getting x42 coins for price locks
  • Getting x42 coins for profile creations

x42 Protocol may support many other new features in the future.

We advise everyone to join our discord and talk in real time with the team, moderators and other community members.